Self Service Kiosk.

Payments Made Easy.


Kushok is the brand name of a product made by Eshraqet Al-Aser Co., targeting cash & cashless payments market. The company was established in Iraq and started rolling out wide network of payment kiosks all over the country.

Why Kushok

Easy to use

Beautiful Design

Competitive Prices

Country Wide Coverage

On Site Support

Wide Range of Services

Best Kiosk Payment System
in the market

Kiosks owners will have the benefit monitoring their devices and sales with detailed reports through private online portal.


Elegant Design

Kushok comes in several colors and designs and fits nicely indoor or outdoor.

Competitive prices

Our policy is to sell services with their original list price.

Growing Number Of Services

The goal of KUSHOK project is to provide several type of services in one stop, (Mobile top-ups, Internet, Games, Gift cards, Bills Payment, Flights tickets, Cinema, Money transfer)

Easy to use

Using Kushok is as easy as using your smart phone. With large touch screen and multiple languages, anyone can use Kushok with no technical assistance.

Wide Coverage Areas

Kushoks are available in all major cities and all over Baghdad.
Use our Kiosks Map to find the nearest kiosks to your location.

Support & Maintenance

All our kiosks are covered with 24/7 phone and on-site support.


250 +

Active Points

10000 +

Daily activities

160,000 +





Baghdad / IRAQ
Mob : +964 773 078 8500
Mob : +964 780 078 8500
E-Mail :
Baghdad / IRAQ
Mob : +964 773 078 8500
Mob : +964 780 078 8500
E-Mail :
Baghdad / IRAQ
Mob : +964 773 078 8500
Mob : +964 780 078 8500
E-Mail :

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